The first loyalty platform powered by Augmented Reality.

At Augmented Rewards we specialize in creating apps that your customers will actually want to use. Whether you're starting from scratch or you already have your own API, we can work with you to develop and deliver a custom app-based loyalty program. Through special features like Augmented Reality, Social Integration, and Quizzes, you can keep your audience engaged. With menus if you're a restaurant, or videos and articles if you're a corporation, you can keep them informed.

And the best part is that it's all controlled by you, in real-time, through a dashboard with a customized Content Management System. With your dashboard you can communicate with your customers, turn features on and off and update your app's content on the fly. It's the perfect platform for Brand Awareness, Customer Engagement, Sales Training, and Trade Shows & Conferences. Along with the basics like email management and contact capture, some of our best features include:

Augmented Reality
With your custom Augmented Reality scanner deliver a mind-blowing interactive experience to your customers transforming print, digital and video assets into deep engagement content triggers.
Instantly update your AR triggers, send messages, turn beacons on and off, and more. You also get analytics and reports about your customer's usage and trends.
  Custom Rewards Platform
We collaborate with you to create the best loyalty program for your business, point-based, experience-based, or a combination of both.
Play trivia or test your users, set up multiple choice questions and award points for correct answers.
  Locator Beacons
Beacons allow you to create micro location based messages and actions, like greeting users once they enter your front door.
Our payment feature hooks directly into your Point Of Sale system allowing your customers to order and pay without leaving your app.
Geo-Push Messaging
Instantly send messages to your customers based on their location. You can target specific groups, individuals or all of your customers at once.
  Photo Gallery
Collect, approve and display photos uploaded by your users.
  Social Integration
Connect to all of your social networking accounts like facebook, twitter, youtube and more.

How to use Augmented Rewards for your business.

We've built apps for clients in the hospitality and financial services industries. Even if you already have an app and just want to add a feature or two like Augmented Reality or a Custom Rewards Platform, our developers can work with you to deliver exactly what you need.


Trade Shows & Conferences.

We developed a conference app for a major Financial Services company rewarding team members for learning and interacting throughout their national sales conference. The app was enthusiastically embraced by the attendees resulting in a 92% participation rate.


"The app was a big hit!! Our people loved how it kept them engaged throughout a long 4-day sales conference."
-VP of Sales

Features Included:

The dashboard provided the marketing team with the ability to update schedules, create quizzes and games, upload photos and recaps, and more. All in real-time.

Pre-conference learning modules were sent when users registered.

Augmented Reality driven scavenger hunt.

Session quizzes and trivia about fellow team members.

Post-conference surveys and recaps.


The Lansdowne Pub.

Featured below is the customized app and rewards program we developed for The Lansdowne Pub. Pub and Fenway fans alike experience mind-blowing deals and access with features like the Pub AR Scanner, Instant Sponsor Offers, Banked Deals, Pub TV, Social Share, and more.



Headed to the Pub, the Park or neighborhood and want to stay tuned into the latest deals? We've got you covered. Just turn on notifications and you'll receive deals based on where you are. All deals are on a timer. Some are good for a few months. And some for only a few minutes.

We'll surprise you by activating Pub signs, beer and spirits labels, coasters and posters, Boston sports logos and social media postings to name a few. Find them and use your Pub Scanner to unlock instant rewards like food specials, event tickets and much more!

Time to pack it in for the night? One-touch dialing connects you to a safe ride home.

Connect on the Pub Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr, and Spotify feeds. BTW, the Pub's Spotify channel makes for a great party playlist.

Band schedules, events, special evenings. Links to band videos with direct access to their social sites.

Food & drinks, daily & weekly specials.

Tell us when, how many and the occasion and our party planners will create an event you'll never forget.

Your exclusive channel for fun, quirky, entertaining Pub videos. You never know what you'll find here - maybe a hidden deal?

Quickly register with your Facebook or Google accounts.


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